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MTN Athlete Performance

This Program is to build a well-rounded physical monster for the mountains. Our approach is to make you as physically fit as possible while maintaining your health. We want you to feel good, look good, and know your body can handle the demands placed upon it. We will work on strength, cardio, flexibility, etc. There will not be a stone left unturned to make you as rock-solid as possible.

About the Program

Session Duration:
45-90 min

Training Goal:
Strength, Endurance, Mental toughness

Look no further we are here to help!
Its main purpose is to build you up like a brick shit house for durability, and strength while giving you an engine that can keep chugging along during those long hunts and with a heavy pack on your back.

Ever been on a hunt and needed to take a break? Ever been too exhausted physically and mentally to go over the next ridge to see what’s there? How about so physically out of shape you cant hunt the way you want because its to physically demanding? …Listen we know there are lots of hunters out there that need the help and motivation to get where they want. Not everyone is Cam Hanes and has the time or the ability to train like he does ( nor do we think thats the best).

Equipement Considerations

You can tackle this program at your local gym, CrossFit gym, garage gym. Anywhere really, we have some modification options to make sure you can get the job done in most places with a small selection of equipment. Ideally, these are what you need to have to get the most out of the program.

  • Barbell with bumper plates
  • db’s or kb’s
  • pull up bar
  • Rings/Trx
  • squat rack
  • adjustable bench
  • sled (push and pull option)
  • resitance bands
  • bike/rower or something similar

Dont have a piece of equipment or something we programmed isnt in this above list? Dont worry we will do our best to help you figure out solutions to modify the equipment needed with what we have listed.


Im not sure how to do the workouts?

Dont worry, we are here for this each workout is paired with a detailed explantion of the workout the intent and stimulus desired. It also includes demonstration videos.

Can this program serve for more than just hunters?

Sure it can! This program is built around making you a more able bodied individual. The programming just leans more towards preparing you for the same challenges or similar challenges that the back country gives us.

What if I dont start at the begining of the program or the training cycle?

Dont worry about it. Jump in the first day you can and get after it. No need to back track.

About the Programmer

Cooper Palmer writes all of the programming for this team. He has a back ground in collegiate football. He graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a BA in Kinesiology.

He holds a CSCS, CF-L2, and a large handful of other training certficates.

He currently owns and operates his own private gym in Wyoming where he was born and raised. He prides himself on not just talking it, but walking it as well! He loves to bang Iron and train hard, he eqaully loves being outdoors and using his fitness whereever he can!