Colter Rood

Colter Rood


6:43 2k Row

4:45 Marathon Run


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

About Coach

I was a 3 sport athlete in high school and was fortunate enough to play running back at Carroll College. I have always had some sort of coaching, structure, and influential leadership in my life. I graduated and no longer had any sort of structure or training regimen to follow. This is when I turned to CrossFit and started coaching quickly after. I wanted to provide some of the high-level coachings I had received in the past.

Turning Point

Throughout college, I had gained lots of weight, some healthy and some not. My senior year I broke my right shin and was in a cast and immobile for roughly 8 weeks. It was important to bounce back and return to activity following a career-ending injury. This was a difficult time that was made easier by focusing on my fitness and leaning on friends throughout the process.

Motivation & Passion

My favorite thing about coaching is watching an athlete's mindset change as they progress. It is awesome to watch a rookie athlete go from being nervous walking in the gym to doing RX workouts and increasing their confidence dramatically.

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