Connor Zumpfe

Connor Zumpfe


Collegiate School Record Holder - 40yd dash

330lb Bench Press 1RM

39.5in Vertical

7:00 min mile :)


Doctorate of Physical Therapy Degree

Level 1 CrossFit Certification

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

About Coach

Being physically active is something that was very ingrained from a small child. Every opportunity we could our neighborhood was holding competitions of roller hockey, HORSE, tag, and soccer shootouts. If it involved a ball or any time of agility and you could make it competitive - we did it. This created a natural progression to competitive sports and ultimately competing at the collegiate level in basketball and football receiving over 1000 yards in my final year. That along with the consistent weight training my Dad and I did together from 7th grade on and you have a pretty established basis of a love for sport and training. After college and enough boredom of general weight training, I made the switch to CrossFit and have fallen in love ever since, as it is a perfect mold of my background all combined in one. I have also enjoyed leading from a very young age and the parallels with my DPT made the transition to coaching seamlessly.

Turning Point

It wasn't all peaches in cream growing up. After moving in the 7th grade, I felt not only alone but lacked identity with my new friends, school, and life. Add that to the fact that I was small. Very small. 5'3 and 95lb Freshman small. I lacked confidence and size..and gratitude. Some personal changes and deep thought brought me to life and with a little help from mother nature, I evolved into a 6'3 200lb sophomore in college that had ambition, good relationships, and identity. Add that in with the fact I never won a high school football game (freshman, JV or Varsity) and you could say I had some mild adversity to go through. Looking back this was minor... I hadn't lost a loved one, get seriously ill, or anything like that, but through all of the above I learned a lot about my identity and perseverance as an athlete, leader, and human being in general.

Motivation & Passion

I teach yoga and coach CrossFit because I want to help others feel as empowered as I do when I get a new PR on a lift. I have never been the fastest, smartest, or strongest, but I’ll be damned if I don’t try. I want to help others to build that confidence while reaching their health and fitness goals.

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